Reekin - Enjoy the high level!

The products line REEKIN is produced and distributed by MaKant Europe GmbH and Co KG. company.
The company has been founded in 2003 by Martin Makolski and Gregor Kantoch, based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Manufacturing and owning the REEKIN brand allows the company to offer electronic products of high quality at competitive prices.
Thanks to the collaboration with international commercial partners, to the visibility of Internet and to our E-Commerce, the REEKIN brand counts on solid grounds for commercial collaborations.

REEKIN Range of products
The REEKIN range of products includes accessories for PC, multimedia, generic electronics and digital photography. The direct control of the manufacturing guarantees high-quality standard and application of the last technologies in the field.
The offer of the electronic products remains at a fair and stable price through the years.
The principal objective is to offer products that reflect the current technical and aesthetic trends, through an unique and innovative design on the market.

The REEKIN range of products is constantly updated and tailored for our clients, in order to offer the most recent technologies. Always.